About Me

I’m Matthew Graybosch, a long-haired metalhead from New York exiled to the wilds of central Pennsylvania for my sins. I’m the author of the science fantasy novels Without Bloodshed and Silent Clarion. I’m currently developing a novella called When You Don’t See Me and a novel called Dissident Aggressor. If any of that sounds interesting, take a look at starbreakersaga.com.

I’m also a self-taught software developer who works mainly with Microsoft tech on the job. I currently work for Deloitte Consulting at my day job, but everything I post online is strictly my own opinion and not representative of my employer or their views.

When I’m not working for a living, I tinker with Unix-based operating systems because I like having the sort of computing power once reserved to universities and large corporations at my fingertips. I use free and open source software for all of my personal computing needs because I honestly prefer to do so. I build my own websites, and often provide pro bono advice on how to design and build responsive and accessible websites.

If you want to, you can verify my online identity using Keybase.

Matthew Graybosch atop Rockefeller Center in Manhattan