Leaving WordPress

This will be my last post on this site using WordPress, because dealing with WordPress isn’t worth the hassle. I’m building a new static version that will load faster and use less bandwidth, which will make hosting it cheaper.

If you follow this site on WordPress.com, this means you won’t get updates any longer. Nor will you be able to like or comment on posts.

To follow the new site, look for https://matthewgraybosch.com/feed/. It’s a standard RSS/Atom feed (like podcasts use) and there are a wide variety of apps that can handle it. Incidentally, a lot of blogs still provide these feeds, so learning to use a feed reader can help you break free of social media if that’s something you care about.

If you want to comment, send email to “contact” at “matthewgraybosch.com”. As long as it’s not abusive, I will eventually reply.

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