Richard M. Stallman Isn’t My Problem

Apparently I’m supposed to care that Richard M. Stallman has returned to the board of the Free Software Foundation after being cancelled because he stuck up for a dead friend who happened to be one of Jeffrey Epstein’s guests. I mean, the guy’s autistic, and you expect him to not occasionally misread the room and say offensive shit in public? Talk about ableism.

People relatively close to him at MIT dismissed it as RMS being himself as usual, but a grad student found this dismissal offensive, decided to dredge up all the other times RMS put his foot in his mouth, and demanded that he be forced into retirement. The student soon found plenty of allies, and RMS stepped down in 2019, but now he’s back.

As a result, there are lots of self-righteous people arguing for and against RMS returning to the FSF, and I’ve had people try to figure out where I stand. So, for the record: my stance is one of militant indifference. I refuse to give a shit, as is my inalienable right as a human being.

I might use Free Software, particularly GNU Emacs, but I got into UNIX and FOSS via BSD-derived systems, not GNU/Linux, so RMS is no more my concern than Eric S. Raymond (who makes RMS look like Fred Rogers). If you try to pressure me into taking your side—whether you support RMS or oppose him—I will oppose you on principle. Your cause is nothing to me until I claim it as my own.

I’m not in this for your revolution, and I don’t exist to be your ally. If this offends you: fuck you; you had it coming.

2 thoughts on “Richard M. Stallman Isn’t My Problem”

  1. Don’t think it’s necessarily your issue even if you do use the software he created: one powerful way to express it I’ve seen is the Supremacist Cures Cancer test: if a scientist found the cure for cancer but was also on record saying the white race was being exterminated by immigration, would you take the cure?

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