Hello Again, World

Hello again, everybody. It’s possible that you’ve heard of me. If so, please bear with me while I introduce myself for everybody else.


I’m Matthew Graybosch, a long-haired metalhead from New York who codes for a living and writes science fantasy inspired by heavy metal and progressive rock. I’m the author of the Starbreaker saga, and have published two novels called Without Bloodshed and Silent Clarion.

My stories are set in a post-apocalyptic alt-history earth in the middle of a second Renaissance. It might look utopian, but it’s got a soft black underbelly in which soul-searching androids and swashbuckling soprano catgirls struggle against government corruption, corporate abuses, and demons from outer space.

I work mainly with Microsoft tech at my day job, but I run a variety of Unix-like operating systems on my own equipment and I make a small hobby of buying secondhand computers and resurrecting them with free software for personal use.

About This Site

If you know me on the Fediverse you might be wondering why this site runs WordPress after I’ve extolled the virtues of static websites. Here’s the deal: it’s yet another experiment.

I’ve gone back to using WordPress because I can use Matthias Pfefferle’s ActivityPub plugin to make this website connect to federated social networking sites powered by Mastodon, Pleroma, Friendi.ca, etc. You can follow me from your favorite site and have my blog posts appear in your timeline. You can like them or share them just like any other post. If you reply to my posts, they’ll appear on my site as comments.

Unfortunately, headers don’t render properly on Mastodon. (Dammit, Eugen.)

To eliminate the risk of having my posts locked up in WordPress’s database and being at the mercy of its XML export, I’m composing this post using Emacs, Org Mode, and the org2blog package. Everything gets committed to a publically-accessible git repository that lives on Sourcehut. I will also be creating additional “gophermap” files so that I can mirror this website and its content on my gopher site at asgartech.com (gopher://asgartech.com:70).

Furthermore, with a WordPress setup conducive to syndication, I’ll also be able to start doing direct sales of my work once I’ve evaluated ecommerce plugins, found a suitable editor and cover artist, and finished a new version of the Starbreaker saga

What? A new version of Starbreaker?

That’s right. If you’ve been visiting asgartech.com you might have read some rough cuts already. It’s still early going, but I hope to build up some serious momentum now that my partner is done with her struggle against breast cancer.

What about your old content?

I’ll be resurrecting that as well, but don’t expect the URLs to be the same. Sorry about that.

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- a long-haired metalhead from New York who codes for a living and writes science fantasy on his lunch breaks.

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