Goodbye, WTPA.

Pennsylvania recently lost the last local radio station worth listening to, WTPA. It had too many ads, but when they played music they played good stuff: classic and recent hard rock and heavy metal.

I don’t listen to FM radio often, but when I did this was my go-to station. At least, it used to be. I found out that they’ve sold out to Educational Media Foundation, and have since switched to a “Christian adult contemporary” format.

As if there aren’t enough Christian stations on the air already. First all the classical music stations go offline, and now I can’t find a decent radio station for metalheads? It’s almost as if the world is daring me to get into pirate radio…

Well, no. I’ll be a good metalhead and get my FCC license. That way I can call my station WPRV: Privateer Radio (pirate radio with a license to thrill).

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