An Asura’s Bargain

Something like the following dialogue will probably make its way into Shattered Guardian.

MORGAN: Why couldn’t you have told me a decade ago that you needed me for this?

ISAAC: You would not have believed me. Moreover, I needed you to grow through experience and develop ego-strength through your bonds with others. Will you help me now?

MORGAN: After everything you admitted to doing to me, Naomi, and Chr- Annelise, I should kill you.

ISAAC: You tried that once already, which is how we got here.

MORGAN: I’ll help, but afterward you will all stand trial. The Phoenix Society’s executive council is going down, and you are going to answer for everything you did starting with Nationfall. We all have a right to know the truth about everything, so we can decide whether the Phoenix Society is worth even trying to reform.

ISAAC: So, a Truth and Reconciliation Commission?

MORGAN: No. A public trial before a tribunal by as impartial a jury as can be managed. What you did, what we’re doing—it needs to be documented lest it be forgotten.

ISAAC: Very well. I accept, though I feel like I am the one making a deal with the Devil.

MORGAN: You wanted an Adversary, didn’t you?

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