Peace Cottage; or, Maybe I Should Stop Playing

less than a minute to read · books · posted at 11:22 AM on 03/19/2014

Maybe I should take a night off Dark Souls II, because the first thing that comes to mind after seeing the cover to Lisa Kent’s upcoming inspirational/contemporary/women’s fiction debut Peace Cottage is, “Praise the Sun”. The cover reminds me of how Majula might have looked before the kingdom of Drangleic fell apart.

Oh dear. I may have OD’ed. Sorry. 🙂

Peace Cottage by Lisa Kent<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">Peace Cottage by Lisa Kent</figcaption></figure>

About Peace Cottage

When tragedy claims the life of her dear husband, Lucy Cook packs up her two daughters and heads to the coast of Maine to start again. There, in a cottage in the woods, she looks for peace and renewal as she heals from the loss and alienation of her former life in Vermont. But her new home and the man who owns it are shrouded in mystery. And Lucy must learn to live without certainty. Follow Lucy as she navigates a fresh start for herself and her family in regard to matters of home, loss, love, and hope.

About Lisa Kent

Lisa Monique Kent is a librarian and first-time author of the novel Peace Cottage, a story about hope and new beginnings. She lives with her family and pets in rural Vermont, and is currently working on her second book, Vinehart Farm.

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