Matthew Graybosch
author by choice, techie by necessity

Starting NaNoWriMo

I've started National Novel Writing Month by putting aside Saint of Traitors in favor of a different project called When You Don't See Me.

The members of a heavy metal power trio get back together on the night of the Winter Solstice a year after their last show to try to figure out how it all went wrong. It turns out that they've all been keeping secrets from each other, and have all had dealings with a certain agent of fortune.

It's basically This is Spinal Tap meets Love, Death & Robots with a soundtrack by the Blue Öyster Cult, Queensrÿche, The Sisters of Mercy, Savatage, Therion, Within Temptation, Ayreon, Nightwish, Iced Earth, Iron Maiden, Thank You Scientist, and Judas Priest.

I'm bending the rules, though. I finished the first chapter on October 30, and I'm starting with 5,200 words on this draft already. However, I'm still determined to belt out 50,000 words this month. I've already started by writing a first scene for chapter 2 of WYDSM, but I think it'll end up being an outtake.