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Things Matthew Wants to Do

This is stuff I'd eventually like to do. Eventually might take a while, though.

Table of Contents


  • Post the entire text of Without Bloodshed.
  • Post the entire text of Silent Clarion, but rig the export so that only parts 1 and 2 get exported for now.
  • Use the magic of Org mode to create a kind of Starbreaker wiki that lets readers get additional information about characters, organizations, and other details via links in the stories.
  • Write a series of blog posts describing the Starbreaker setting in detail so that I don't have to put all of the worldbuilding into the stories where it just gets in the damn way.


  • Read Chapter 4-10 of The Alchemists' Council by Cynthea Masson and write it up in the RBIG.
  • Get a copy of The Flaw in the Stone by Cynthea Masson.
  • Pick up enough French to muddle through the elder Alexandre Dumas without translation.


  • Do a write-up on installing OpenBSD on a secondhand G4 iMac from 2002 and using such an "ancient" machine in 2017.
  • Organize my emacs config and write it up as a "literate" config to post here.


  • Write an essay in 2018 on the continuing relevance of Queensryche's 1988 concept album Operation: Mindcrime thirty years on.


  • Finish Cosmic Star Heroine.
  • Start Persona 5 over again and do a full playthrough using a solid FAQ to get everything in one run.
  • Do a from-scratch replay of Final Fantasy XV with all story DLC.
  • Do a from-scratch replay of Final Fantasy XII - The Zodiac Age.
  • Do a from-scratch playthrough of The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt using a solid FAQ to get the best possible outcomes.