I don’t want to talk about Elliot Rodger. I think his very existence should be erased from history, but we can’t do that without also erasing his victims. Six people died because this pusbag had a temper tantrum.

Unfortunately, I still have a conscience despite my best efforts to exterminate that obnoxious little cricket. Sometimes it even manages to compel me to act against my better judgment.

This is one of those occasions. I’d be better off if I ignored this atrocity, but I can’t bring myself to do so. Instead, as a man who doesn’t let unreasoning hatred of women rule him, I find it necessary to denounce Elliot Rodger and his ilk.

Who Was Elliot Rodger?

He thought he was a nice guy. The victims of his temper tantrum know better.

He thought he was a nice guy. The victims of his temper tantrum know better.

Does it matter at this point? I hear he was mentally ill and may have been on the autistic spectrum (which I consider separate from mental illness). I don’t care.

Deranged or not, he planned his actions in advance. He stockpiled weapons the local police might have found if they bothered to get a search warrant. He wrote a manifesto. He announced his intentions on YouTube.

He’s an American terrorist, plain and simple. His ideology is nothing but the same misogyny and self-entitlement festering in the minds of far too many men, especially MRAs.

He isn’t a nice guy. He isn’t a gentleman. He isn’t an alpha male. He’s a pathetic little boy who threw a tantrum because he couldn’t accept that being nice is never enough to earn another person’s love, and it cost six innocent people their lives.

What the Hell is a Nice Guy, Anyway?

Nice Guys are most frequently young American men with a view of romance too heavily influenced by Hollywood. They think they can simply befriend women, be good listeners, be supportive, and be utterly subservient to their chosen woman — and that woman will owe them sex.

The Blue Oyster Cult wrote a theme song for these idiots back in 1983.

The problem with self-styled Nice Guys is three-fold:

  • They think not being complete assholes is enough to win their chosen woman’s favor.
  • They think women are prizes to be won.
  • When what passes for their strategy fails — and it almost always does — they blame the woman for exiling them to the “friend zone” because they want “jerks/douchebags/assholes” instead of a Nice Guy like them.

Self-proclaimed Nice Guys are a blight upon Western society. They’re not nice. They’re entitled, manipulative, and passive-aggressive. They do not respect women, and the embittered ones soon become convinced that women are not worthy of respect.

Nice Was Never Enough

I say this because I used to be one. I grew up. I got better. I found companionship without resorting the manipulative tactics of self-styled pick-up artists. I started by accepting that being a decent guy isn’t enough.

Let me repeat that: Being a decent guy isn’t enough. It never was. It never will be, because the world does not conform to human notions of justice.

I attracted my wife not just by being kind to her, but by being an interesting person. I became an interesting person by having a purpose in life that didn’t just involve making a shitload of money, partying, or sitting on my ass and playing video games.

If you think you’re a nice guy and that women owe you something as a result, you may be another Elliot Rodger. Seek help, get out of the MRA/redpill/MGTOW/seduction community echo chambers, and learn to treat women as fellow human beings.

You don’t get sympathy just because you’re a socially awkward virgin. I was a socially awkward virgin, and it never even occurred to me that I had the right to kill because I couldn’t get pussy. Stop being part of the problem, because I am sick of having to prove I’m not one of those guys that all women have good cause to fear.

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