Dark Souls II is everything a serious gamer could want. The atmosphere is bleak. The graphics are gorgeous even if From Software toned them down compared to pre-release video. Even the most trivial fights can feel harrowing if you make a mistake that doesn’t kill you outright. The boss fights are brutal, and each has its own music. In short, Dark Souls II is as metal as a game can get without having a heavy metal soundtrack.

While Namco Bandai released a trailer featuring “Locomotive Breath” by Jethro Tull, Tull isn’t quite metal.

Maybe you need something to help you get pumped up before you go beyond death? I can help you out. Here’s a dozen badass tunes.

Accept: “Beat the Bastards”

Play this one before a boss fight. Beat the bastards down!

Turisas: “Stand Up and Fight”

I know this game’s tough, especially if you’re used to more frenetic melee action games like Devil May Cry. But don’t give up! Stand up and keep fighting. You’ll win through if you persevere.

Slayer: “War Ensemble”

Sometimes just surviving is a victory.

Motorhead: “Shoot You in the Back”

Dark Souls II might not be a Western, but you still gotta watch your back.

Testament: “Alone in the Dark”

You might think you’re alone in the dark with demons torturing you, but you’re not alone. Not when players have racked up almost a hundred in-game megadeaths.

Manowar: “The Power of Thy Sword”

The power of your sword might be your only hope. Treasure every bit of titanite you find.

Judas Priest: “Hard as Iron”

When you’re on top of your game and no enemy or invading player can seem to touch you, this is the song for you.

Running Wild: “Under Jolly Roger”

Granted, the Varangians infesting No-Man’s Wharf are more like Vikings than pirates, but the Wharf still looks like a pirates’ settlement.

The Worshyp: “Destroyer of Men”

Any one of the bosses in Dark Souls II could be called a destroyer of men. You’re gonna destroy each and every one of them. What does that make you?

Iron Maiden: “Die With Your Boots On”

Dude, this is Dark Souls. You’re gonna die. You might as well die with you boots on.

Jolly Cooperation

Don’t think these tunes are metal enough for Dark Souls? Got some I didn’t think to include? Use the comments section and tell me so.

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