Welcome to Starbreaker: the gonzo-romantic cyberpunk fantasy rock operatic saga by Matthew Graybosch. This is the series where all-too-human androids and swashbuckling soprano catgirls expose corruption and fight demons from outer space.

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The Main Sequence

These novels constitute the core Starbreaker series, and are best read in sequence.

Without BloodshedPart I of Starbreaker (2013)
Morgan must prove he isn't the Phoenix Society's assassin as conspiracies envelop him and his friends, but how can he refute the naked truth?
Shattered GuardianPart II of Starbreaker (WIP)
The truth sets no one free. The truth about Morgan's nature, the Phoenix Society, and the clandestine war in which he finds himself embroiled will prove a deadly prison indeed.

Preludes to Starbreaker

If it feels like the characters had lives and did things before the events of Without Bloodshed, it's because they did. Sorry about that.

Sometimes I write stories or novels introducing characters who go on to play important roles in the Starbreaker saga. You'll find them listed here, and you can read them whenever you like.

Silent Clariona Starbreaker novel (2016)
Naomi Bradleigh needed a break from her duties as an Adversary sworn to the Phoenix Society. What she got was the post-breakup working vacation from Hell.

The Very Beginning

Feeling adventurous? Looking for a learning experience or just a good laugh? I've got just the thing…

Starbreakerthe original 2009 draft
This monster novel has never before seen the light of day. Come and see how it all began, and my original vision of how it might end.


These are shorter pieces that I wrote to help promote the novels. Well, most of them are. You can read them all for free online.

The Milgram Battery
Before Morgan Stormrider may take his oath as an Adversary he must prove himself by facing the Milgram Battery, a series of tests that will force him to choose between obeying his conscience and obeying authority.
Limited Liability
The first and thus far only story to be set after the events of Starbreaker has Morgan Stormrider playing the heavy, but whether somebody is the bad guy is often a matter of perspective.
The Holiday Rush
This was a story I originally wrote to promote Starbreaker for the Christmas season on the Curiosity Quills Press website, and it was originally called "Of Cats and Cardigans".
Tattoo Vampire
This one was a little Halloween tie-in I did for the Curiosity Quills Press website, showing one of Morgan Stormrider's first missions. It also ties into "Steadfast" and Silent Clarion by mentioning "Project Harker".
One of my contacts at Curiosity Quills Press wanted an origin story for Naomi Bradleigh after I published Without Bloodshed in 2013, and "Steadfast" was my first attempt at such. It was meant to be a short story, but soon expanded to novelette length. And since that wasn't enough, I ended up writing Silent Clarion.

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Figure 1: Starbreaker cast collage by Harvey Bunda, commissioned by the author.

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Figure 2: Starbreaker series cover by Sara McSorley, courtesy of Curiosity Quills Press.