Pröper Gander

New Books by Arkady Martine and Lara Elena Donnelly

As a treat to myself for putting up with bullshit at my day job, I decided to treat myself to electronic editions of A Memory Called Empire by Arkady Martine and Amberlough by Lara Elena Donnelly. The former is a diplomatic space opera, and the latter appears to be a Jazz Age fantasy spy thriller with a setting inspired by Berlin under the Weimar Republic. Given how things went for the Weimar Republic (and the world post-Weimar) I doubt Amberlough will be a cheery read. But it might be full of flawed people nurturing the Promethean spark within and defying fascist tyranny.

It might bear mentioning that both are written by women, because apparently this matters to entirely too many self-righteous and extremely online types who mistake themselves for gatekeepers of what constitutes worthwhile fiction.

However, before I read these I should finish One Word Kill by Mark Lawrence and Transcend by Scott Barry Kaufman. The Lawrence should be easy enough; I'm already at around 70% according to my Kindle.