Pröper Gander

A Drinking Game for The Tudors

If you're stuck watching The Tudors on Netflix—and you might find yourself in such straits because most of what Netflix offers is utter shit—here's a drinking game you might try. It works best if you're stuck with a bunch of friends, family, roommates, etc. because you're all trying to not die of the fucking plague.

The game is simple: anybody who shouts, "It's good to be the King," while watching the show must do a shot. Anybody who blurts it out during a "sex scene" (which is really just some semi-nude making out and dry-humping because this was originally a premium cable production) must do a double shot.

The winner is the first to figure out that Netflix sucks once you've already watched the good shit. Not that I'm going to tell you what constitutes "good shit" on Netflix. You can damned well figure that out for yourself.