Pröper Gander


  1. I Might Use This Later
  2. Getting Back to Starbreaker
  3. A List of Science Fantasy Favorites
  4. Blue Öyster Cult: The Symbol Remains
  5. I Voted By Mail
  6. Back to the Web
  7. I'm Still Around
  8. If I Ever Try Void Linux Again...
  9. What Really Caused Nationfall?
  10. Macbook Necromancy
  11. I Need a Longer Plank
  12. Final Fantasy VII Relived
  13. How James McGill Buchanan Made Possible the Privatization of Tyranny
  14. Dragon Hunting; or, Helvetia delenda est
  15. Reading A Memory Called Empire
  16. New Books by Arkady Martine and Lara Elena Donnelly
  17. Critical Production Bugs
  18. Showtunes and Rock Opera
  19. A Drinking Game for The Tudors
  20. Installing OpenBSD 6.6 on Used Laptops
  21. 2010-2019: My Decade in Review
  22. A Makefile is Fine, Too
  23. My Famed Disappearing Act
  24. I Want My BSD!
  25. Inside America's Retail Apocalypse
  26. Iron Fist on Netflix
  27. Starship's Cat: a Fragment