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28 November 2017

Is Hiring Backwards?

What if the way we go about hiring workers is inherently discriminatory because it places workers in the position of having to "earn" a job by persuading somebody in a position of authority to hire them?

What if workers could show that they are available for hire, and businesses had to persuade workers to lend them their efforts? No way to make this happen under the existing market system without a drastic reduction in the labor supply, though.

Microsoft Fluxbox?

It seems Microsoft expects me to be impressed by plans to include a feature that Fluxbox has had since 2001: tabbed windows.

OPSEC for the Suicidal

If you're thinking of doing anything that might draw official attention (like committing suicide) don't post about it on Facebook.

This is basic OPSEC (operational security), incidentally. Loose lips sink ships.