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Without Bloodshed

“All who threaten me die.“

These words made Morgan Cooper's reputation as one of the Phoenix Society's deadliest IRD officers. He served with distinction as the Society's avenger, and specialized in hunting down anybody who dared kill an Adversary in the line of duty. After a decade spent living by the sword, Morgan wants to bid a farewell to arms and make a new life with his friends and his music.

Despite his faltering faith, the Phoenix Society has a final mission for Morgan. A dictator's public accusations made Morgan a liability to his organization. He must put everything aside, make his way to Boston, and put down Alexander Liebenthal's coup while taking him alive to prove he is not the Society's assassin.

Despite the gravity of his task, Morgan cannot put aside his ex-girlfriend's murder, or efforts to frame him and his closest friends for the crime. He cannot ignore a request from a trusted friend to investigate the theft of designs for a weapon before which even gods stand defenseless. He cannot disregard the corruption implied in the Phoenix Society's willingness to make him a scapegoat should he fail to resolve the crisis in Boston without bloodshed.

However, the words with which he forged his reputation haunt him still.

cover art for Without Bloodshed by Ricky Gunawan


Without Bloodshed was originally published by Curiosity Quills Press, which has been defunct since the autumn of 2018, and is now pretty much out of print. You can read the full text on my website, or download electronic formats below.

Author's Notes

This is the first novel I published, back in 2013. I had worked with Curiosity Quills Press and did a hell of a lot of promotion on Google+, which was where most of my fans hung out. Believe it or not, this novel hit #1 on Amazon's Sci-fi/Cyberpunk list for a couple of days after its release.

It's not without its flaws, though, some of which crept in because I was trying to expand and improve upon my 2009 Starbreaker draft.

This is basically a novel about a cop who realizes he's literally getting away with murder and will never be brought to trial because it's in the best interests of the powers that be to let him do his thing. They might police the police, other public officials, and business owners, but they're still police. If you're not interested in reading about cops you should turn back now.