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How to Contact Me

Want to talk? No problem. Here's how to do reach me by email or on social media.

Try Email First

If you need to get in touch, email is your best bet. Yes, it's old-school. In case you couldn't tell from this web-site, I dig old-school.

Try Social Media

If email is too old-fashioned for you, you can find me on Mastodon or Ghost Town. My profile on Keybase lists some of my other social profiles.

Try Other Methods

If you play games on the PS3 and PS4 consoles, my SEN handle is EddieVanHelsing. Don't count on being able to reach me here, however, because I keep my privacy settings locked down tight.

If you're a BSD user or admin, and a member of Daemon Forums, my handle there is demifiend.

Note to Tech Tecruiters

Please don't contact me unless you have personally helped me find work in the past.