How to Contact Me

Do you want to get in touch? You can use email, or social media.

Contact Me By Email

The absolute best way reach me is by email using the form below.

It might be a bit clunky, but this form will ensure that I get your message. If you need to communicate in confidence, please tell me so I can help you establish a secure channel.

Find Me on Social Media

If email is too old-fashioned for you, you can reach me on a variety of social networks. You can try commenting on my posts, when I bother to post. If

Please note that I check profiles before engaging. I reserve the right to block at my own discretion.


If you use Google+ and want to contact me there, please follow me first. Once you’ve done so, Google+ should auto-complete and tag me as you start typing “+Matthew Graybosch” in a public post.

PS: If you still use circles, you could add me under “writers”, “sci-fi writers”, “developers”, or “metalheads”.


Want to keep it short and sweet? Follow me on Twitter and mention @metalheadscifi.


I don’t do much with Facebook, but my publisher would have kittens if I quit. If you want to reach me on Facebook, “like” my public page and send me a message from there.

Notes for Tech Recruiters

Did you come to my website because you’re a technical recruiter looking for candidates? You probably want to check my “How to Hire Me” page. Thanks!