Matthew Graybosch
author by choice, techie by necessity


Hi, I'm Matthew Graybosch. If you want to know about me, please check my bio instead.

This is my personal website. It's built on refurbished equipment running OpenBSD using the following Free Software:

I tested for accessibility using the following tools:

This site was built and tested on the extended support release of Mozilla Firefox and lynx. It should also work on other browsers.


This is not a JAMstack site. There's no JavaScript, and no API. This is an old-school website, made with nothing but HTML and CSS.


I don't provide a comments form on this website. Instead, you may link to my site, quote me, and add your own commentary on your own website or social media profile.

If you would rather address me directly, you can email me using the link at the top of every page on this site. I will try to reply within a week.


There are no ads on this site, and I have no intention of ever changing that.

Do not email me to request that I link to your site/page to boost your SEO.

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