Matthew Graybosch
a cynical idealist, sf author, and full-stack developer

Welcome to my blog, "A Day Job and a Dream". You can expect posts about the Starbreaker saga, writing, tech, and the occasional rant. I try to post at least biweekly, but I'm not going to make any promises.

Computing and Networking Culture in Starbreaker

As humanity began to colonize space after Nationfall, it soon became apparent that the old Internet wouldn't scale to interplanetary use. Fortunately, we already had the tech we needed.

Albums I Enjoyed

I've been enjoying albums by Smoulder, Satan, Master Boot Record, Unseelie, Disturbed, Hiromi Uehara, and Steve Hackett lately. Let me tell you about them.

A Caturday Morning Cartoon I'd Like to Have Seen

If you remember Caturday morning cartoons, you might remember them being preachy infomercials for cheaply made, overpriced toys. Nevertheless, here's some dialogue from one I'd like to see.

An Affirmation

I'm going to say to you some of the things I've needed people to say to me over the years. Maybe they did, and I just wasn't ready to hear it.

Bad Thoughts About Bullying

I saw a rant by somebody on Mastodon about their experiences growing up autistic but undiagnosed, and it got me thinking. And it got me thinking bad thoughts.

More Remastered JRPGs, Please

I'm glad some developers have taken to porting old hits to new platforms, and occasionally providing new translations for titles that never made it to the US market.

[WIP]  Mistakes I Made While Writing My First Novel: Without Bloodshed

Looking back, I made a bunch of mistakes while writing Without Bloodshed. I'm not saying my own novel sucks, but it could have been better. If you're OK with spoilers, here's what I think I got wrong. Maybe this will help other writers avoid my mistakes.

I Want My BSD

My life as a writer would probably be easier if I were content to run Windows or use a Mac like the vast majority of authors, but I can't help it. I want my BSD!

Introducing the Starbreaker Saga

The Starbreaker Saga is a science fantasy epic featuring a diverse and psychologically complex cast written by a fan for fans. Would you like to know more?