It Really Is All About Me

Sorry about the title. I honestly couldn’t resist, and my wife wasn’t around to stop me.

So, what did you want to know? Were you looking for a bio? Information about how this site is built and how it works? An explanation as to why I bother maintaining a website and blog when social media seems poised to eat te Web? How about a manifesto?

Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.

Also, here’s a photo of me getting ready to summon Gozer.

A photo of Matthew Graybosch in NYC

Photograph by Catherine Gatt

About This Photo

If you read my books or follow me online you’ve seen this photo of me before. My wife Catherine took this photo about ten years ago when we visited Top of the Rock, the observation deck atop Rockefeller Center in Manhattan.

My publishers insisted on using it because my smirk, the clouds behind me, and the Empire State Building in the background supposedly make me look like one of the sorcerers in my Starbreaker stories. Though I’d like to think my magicians have better fashion sense.