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About This Website

Hi, I'm Matthew Graybosch. If you want to know about me, please check my bio instead.

Pröper Gander is a personal website; its name is also a weak pun on "propaganda". It's built on refurbished equipment running Debian GNU/Linux and OpenBSD using the following Free Software:

I built it using the Eleventy base blog starter kit, and tested for accessibility using the following tools:

This site was built and tested on Mozilla Firefox. It should also work on Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

Privacy #

My privacy policy is so simple it isn't worth putting in a separate page.
The short version is that your data is a worthless liability to me.

Web #

I do not collect any data on this website.
I do not set cookies.
I do not use Google Analytics or any of its competitors.

Email #

If you email me, I will treat your contact details as confidential information.

Moderation #

I don't provide a comments form on this website. If you'd like to comment on one of my posts, you are more than welcome to link to my site, quote me, and add your own commentary on your own website or social media profile.

If you would rather address me directly, you can email me. I will try to reply within a week.

Advertising and SEO #

I do not run ads here, nor will I provide links to help you with SEO. Please do not contact me to request links.

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