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If you want to know more about the guy running this website, here’s the deal…

I’m just another guy with a day job and a dream, a long-haired metalhead with delusions of erudition who writes science fantasy and codes for a living. Everything I post online is my own opinion and not representative of my employers or their views.

I’m the author of several novels, among them Without Bloodshed and Silent Clarion. I’ve also written short stories like “The Milgram Battery” and “Limited Liability”. I’m currently working on a new novel tentatively titled When You Don’t See Me.

My day job involves software development using Microsoft tech and JavaScript (for my sins) at a large consultancy. At home, I prefer to use free and open-source software.

I currently live in the eastern United States with my wife and cats. I’m entirely too fond of loud music, spicy food, terrible jokes, obscure allusions, and melodrama for anybody’s good—least of all my own.


preferred: they/them/their
accepted: he/him/his


Any opinions I post on this website are my own unless otherwise attributed.
I do not represent my employers on this website.
I don’t speak for anybody but myself.

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