After a collapse remembered by the survivors as Nationfall, humanity rebuilt their civilization and sparked a Second Renaissance. The resurgent human population lives and works with human-level artificial intelligence, settlements on Luna and Mars debate whether and how to preserve the landing sites of pre-Nationfall spacecraft, and an elite corps of Adversaries watch over church, state, and commerce to root out corruption and abuses of power.

However, a millennia-old conspiracy uses subterfuge and magic to maintain its control of the world. A threat to humanity’s survival and that of a race which lived among humanity since the dawn of human civilization waits to break free of its underground prison. The person best suited to face this threat doesn’t know he’s not human, but a sentient bioweapon.


The books and stories of the Starbreaker saga are listed in chronological order, with publication dates in parentheses.

books in progress

  • Blackened Phoenix (TBD)
  • Proscribed Constructs/Heartless Savior (TBD)
  • A Tyranny of Angels (TBD)

Please note that you need not have read Silent Clarion to enjoy Without Bloodshed.


Rejected cover for Without Bloodshed. Artwork by Harvey Bunda

inspired by heavy metal

I wasn't kidding when I said Starbreaker was inspired by heavy metal. If you have a Spotify account, or don't mind making one, you can hear some of the songs that inspired the characters and story of Starbreaker over the last twenty years.