matthew graybosch

writer by choice
techie by necessity

photo of Matthew Graybosch by Catherine Gatt


I'm the author of Silent Clarion and Without Bloodshed. I have a day job as a software developer at a large consulting firm. I'm not looking for a new job. That's all I need you to know about me.

most content removed

I have decided that it is no longer worthwhile for me to participate in the World Wide Web, but I'm leaving this page up so that others can't squat on this domain and impersonate me.

As a result, you will find that all links to pages that used to be here now return HTTP 410. The only exceptions are my novels and some stuff I've been doing to help improve upon Slackware Linux.

Why? Because the Web no longer “sparks joy”. I'm not convinced it ever did. Instead, I want to explore the old-school, text-oriented, pre-Web internet—and possibly help revive it. I won't be doing it under this name, but you might find me elsewhere under a pseudonym.

mental health

If you're worried about me, thanks. However, I still think I'm OK. I have no intention of harming myself or others. I'm just tired of the Web and social media.


Please send email to if you want to get in touch.

I check my mail daily, but may take a week to reply. If it's urgent, or you'd prefer to talk, please include a phone number in your message.

old novels of mine

If you're still stuck at home and bored because of the plague, I've decided to provide downloads of my now out-of-print novels in various formats.

Readers should be aware that these novels contain depictions of violence, sexuality, corruption, and abuse of power. They are not appropriate for all readers, or for readers under 18. Please exercise discretion.

If you enjoyed them, please use the donation link below. Better yet, donate to the ACLU. It's only fitting, since I write about people who take the ACLU's mission into the streets and fight for human rights by the sword.