Welcome to my Nightmare

Hi. I’m Matthew Graybosch from Sayville, NY. I’m a self-taught software developer by trade, and I’m currently employed by Deloitte Consulting. I code for a living so I can afford to write badass science fantasy novels based on classic heavy metal by bands like Judas Priest, Queensrÿche, the Blue Öyster Cult, Iron Maiden, and Nightwish. These are my latest books:

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Current Projects

Here’s the current status for all of my active writing projects.

Blackened Phoenix

Starbreaker, Part 2. The truth alone won't set Morgan and Naomi free. It might even kill them.

15,349 of 100,000 words in first draft

Silent Clarion

Curiosity might have killed the catgirl, but Naomi Bradleigh isn't giving up without a fight.

4 of 6 installments released

Nightmare Sequencer

Testing a new RPG using CGLD tech is a dream job for Claire, but a nightmare for others.

1,576 of 80,000 words in first draft

Without Bloodshed 2.0

A new and improved edition of the first Starbreaker novel to account for Silent Clarion.

3 of 22 chapters updated

Latest Posts

These are my latest posts. I mix blog posts in with stories and other material here, but you can use the menu to decide what you’d like to read. Please subscribe to my news feed if you use feed readers like Inoreader.

Walk in the Shadows (Scene 2)

Though Josefine Malmgren is willing to trust Morgan, or Drew Burton (as he insists on being called), getting past Polaris won't be easy.

Starbreaker: Chapter 10

Morgan has piqued the interest of one of the powers behind the Phoenix Society in Chapter 10 of Starbreaker: Isaac Magnin. That won't end well.

Evershine: Renewal

Evershine's 2012 album Renewal is a solid listen for metalheads who like power metal, Japanese metal, melodic metal, or AOR.

Starbreaker: Chapter 9

Morgan Stormrider was happy to forgive Alan Thistlewood in Chapter 9 of the original Starbreaker by Matthew Graybosch, but the feeling wasn't mutual.

Walk in the Shadows (Scene 1)

Before Morgan can get Dr. Josefine Malmgren out of Asgard and escort her to safety, he has to earn her trust. That might be the easy part.

Starbreaker: Chapter 8

Morgan's more willing to cooperate with the police than the media in Chapter 8 of the original Starbreaker by Matthew Graybosch.

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