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I’m Matthew Graybosch, author of the Starbreaker novels. I write about all-too-human androids and swashbuckling soprano catgirls who fight demons from outer space.

This is my personal website, where I blog about books, music, Linux, and anything else that interests me.

Latest Posts

Your Dog Will Never Be This Cute
If Virgil or Smudge did this to me, I’d get nothing done either.
Best of Persona Series Soundtrack
Here’s two hours and fifteen minutes of music from the Persona games for your listening pleasure.
A Startling Anecdote About Online Ad Spending From Restoration Hardware
Here’s some evidence that most online advertising is completely worthless.
What's Up With Me This Week/Small Dark Lines
A little slice of my life as of today. Featuring the new Threshold single.
Smartphones vs Personal Computers
A random thought on smartphones vs PCs that I might expand later.

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